Become a GZS Comix Affiliate

Make money for every sale of one of our products!

By becoming a GZS Affiliate, you can earn up to 5% from each sale of one of our products via a link you've promoted. The more sold, the more money you make... just for sharing links!

Here's how you do it!

GZS is a great place for you to make some side income, even if you’re not actively creating your own products.

As an affiliate on GZS, you can promote our work and get paid. Here’s how!

Step 1: Create a Gumroad account

Go to and create an account. We’ll send you an email to verify the account – make sure you verify it through the link in that email.

Fill out your payout settings.

That’s it!

You do not need to get an upgraded account if you are an affiliate – a free Gumroad account is perfect.

You do not have to create a product if you plan on only serving as an affiliate.

Changing your login email address, payout settings, username, or social links does not affect your affiliate link – you do not need to notify Gumroad or the creator of your products, or ask for a new affiliate link.

Step 2: Send us an email

Send an email to with the subject line GZS COMIX AFFILIATE. They will need to know the email address that you used to create your account with. You can double-check what this is by going to your settings page.

Step 3: Get your link(s)

When we add you as an affiliate, you’ll get an email like this. It breaks down everything about your affiliation with that creator, from how much you’ll be credited for each sale, and all of your affiliate links.

Step 4: Share your links!

That’s all! Just share the links that we’ve included in your email. You do not need to create any Gumroad products, or advertise a Gumroad link. Just share those links however you wish – a favorite of many Gumroad affiliates is

Please note:

The only way we can credit you for your affiliate sales is if you share the links in the email we send you. Why? is a product link. This is the link that Gumroad creators need to be sharing. is an affiliate link. THIS is the link that you need to be sharing.

A quick way to tell if you’re sharing the right link is to look for the /a/ in it. That /a/ tells Gumroad’s big brain that this is an affiliate link, and the unique number after the /a/ tells us that this is your affiliate link.

Other reasons you might not be credited for a sale:

The customer’s web browser does not accept “cookies.” Our affiliate feature can only work if a browser accepts cookies.

The sale was refunded

The customer did not buy the product within 30 days of clicking your link. Our cookies expire after 30 days.

The customer clicked a different affiliate’s link after they clicked yours, and bought the product

How to navigate the Gumroad dashboard

Although we hope to build it out in the future, we do not have a nice fancy dashboard for affiliates yet. The only pages that will apply to you are your payout settings page, and your balance page

As a Gumroad affiliate, you cannot see any sales on the iOS Gumroad Dashboard app.

That means there is not a place for you to track your sales or see analytics on how your links are being shared. If you wish to get detailed insights into how your links are performing, you can use a service like and use the analytics tools they offer.

The Balance Page

The balance page shows you how much you’ve made in the current payout period and how much you’ll be paid at the next payout date. We pay you out on Fridays as long as you have $10 USD in your balance.

What is the “payout period?”

Gumroad has to hold onto all sales made for at least 7 days before we can pay you. That means, if you make a sale on Tuesday, you will not receive the money for that sale on Friday. You are therefore paid out every Friday for all sales made up to the previous Friday.

So, if payday lands on Friday the 14th of the month, you will be paid that day for all sales made up to Friday the 7th. Any sales made after Friday the 7th would be paid on Friday the 21st of the month.

Pre-Orders and Membership Products

A pre-order product is one that has not yet been released. It has a release date, on which all customers are charged and sent their products. If you help make a sale on a pre-order product, you will not receive a notification about the sale until the product is actually released.

So, if a customer pre-orders the product through your affiliate link on April 1st, but the product is not released until June 1st, you will not be paid out for that sale until at least 7 days after June 1st.

Membership products charge customers on a recurring basis. Your affiliate sale will be rewarded in all payment installments. Make an affiliate sale of a membership product, and you’ve got yourself some nice recurring revenue!


When a customer is refunded, 100% of the sale price is refunded to them. That unfortunately means you would lose your percentage of the sale as well.

If you have already been paid out for that sale, the refunded money would come out of your balance, and your balance could go into the negative. In order to be paid out again, you would have to make enough sales to get your balance over $10 USD.