[DECLASSIFIED] TLTM Chapter 5 Cover Previews

Jay has been hard at work this week and I had to share!

The first image will be the main solicited cover, but it will include all the variants in the digital version of TLTM when it releases. 

Jay created this in an older version of Manga Studio (now called Clip Studio Paint.) I'm hoping to upgrade him to CSP in the future profits from sales permitting. 

TLTM really is a labor of love. 

I may never make back what I've even put in so far, but it's still worth doing because I love comics. The dream is to branch out and create more titles someday. A Netflix animated feature would be pretty sweet, too.

There are a lot of tongue-in-cheek nods towards everything from personal jokes and pokes to pop culture and the occult. It's definitely in the vein of a shonen/seinen manga, exploring some deep themes including gender identity and traumas. It's full of action and cool visuals, fights, ker-splosions, and badass characters.

Oh, and a few naughty words. Sue me. (Seriously, it's probably PG-13 leaning towards a R.)

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