GZS is releasing a lot of cool stuff!

Hey, everybody!

We're super excited to finally be releasing some of the material we've been promoting for months now, and we wanted to make sure you could get at it regardless of your financial situation!

All of our digital products are sold as "pay what thou wilt" products. This means that even if you're not doing so well in the current economy, you can still be entertained by our work! So, don't feel bad if you can't pay anything. Get what you want at whatever price you can afford. If you want to pay us back, a review in the store or buying something at a later date is more than enough.

Here's a look at what's coming out:

The Last True Mage #1: "Psychonaut Blues" pt. 1

Created/Written by: Joe Forrest ; Art by: Jay Vasquez

Join us on an occult action-adventure romp through a world full of murder, magick, mystery, and mayhem! Verone is the last True Mage, Arbiter of the Accords and Protector of the Omniverse. When a marker is called in by someone from his past, he finds he must investigate the murder of a friend that is directly related to the biggest threat he's ever faced!

OUT NOW! https://gzscomix.com/#wOXoD


Get an inside look into the minds of practitioners of modern occultism, be entertained by works of art from various creators, become enthralled with new and interesting viewpoints on the metaphysical condition.

RELEASES 30 SEP 2020 / PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE NOW! https://gzscomix.com/#rnfpR

We've also got so much more lined up!

We're already hard at working on the next release of BABBLE-ON, we're now finishing issue #2 of TLTM and moving on to issue #3, and we've got a talented crew tackling GZS Presents! We're going to continue pumping out the occult entertainment this world needs!

So, please, join us on this adventure. Share with your friends. Let's do some magick!

Until next time...


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