Making comics and drawing again!

I've dumped Patreon for memberships and moved to Gumroad!

I'm not gonna lie, I've fallen in love with Gumroad's straightforward interfaces. 

I've been doing Patreon for a little over a year now, and they've changed payment models several times. I honestly feel their interface was clunky and unfriendly to pretty much everyone, including my patrons.

I find Gumroad to be more suitable to my endeavours. As long as you have an email, I can deliver great content straight to you, which you can digest at your leisure on break at work or relaxing afterwards. 

There are only two tiers - GZS Pro Silver and GZS Pro Gold.

GZS Pro Silver ($3.99 / mo.) gets you all our insider posts on the blog, access to our library of digital publications, and a ton of other features.

GZS Pro Gold ($5.99 / mo.) gets you all that, plus even more creator insight. This would be for those who are loyal supporters that truly want to see the nuts and bolts and learn how the cake is made. (This cake is not a lie.)


We're almost done with TLTM #4!

Jay has almost completed our latest issue, and it's amazing! We're finally building up a stockpile of pages and I'm considering a new format for release on a monthly schedule if possible. 

FYI, our GZS Pro Members will get both the making of and new pages weekly. So, consider those low-cost  memberships! (I like to pay my artists, and this helps.)

I got bit by the drawing bug again!

Between seeing Jay bring my characters to life and gorging on manga/anime since the beginning of the pandemic, I found a decent starter digital art pad (an XP-Pen Artist Pro 12) on a sweet cyber Monday deal and I'm gonna get back into character design at the very least.

I've been drawing since I was a little, and I always enjoyed it. Not to mention that Jay said it would help him out immensely if I could at least provide rudimentary character designs to him. I feel that's fair. 

I'll release pitiful attempts at sketches as I relearn some basics and try to provide some extra value to the fans. 

Oh! I have to share another wonderful artist I found... Asia Ladowska!

She's already got quite the following, so I'm behind the curve, but her art is fantastic and her tutorials are exceptional. I highly recommend you check out her Gumroad store or support her over at her Patreon.

I'm really digging her simple approach to character design and the CSP tutorials.

I'm also going to try my hand as some monthly livestreams on our Discord channel. 

If you're into seeing how we make things, behind-the-scenes drafts, or you have questions, this is part of the GZS Pro Gold Tier. 

I'll also answer questions about any other subject I know about that might help you establish a business for your creator-owned thing. 

For those that can't afford the membership, don't worry.

I'll still dole out some sneak peeks via the blog and our standard newsletter list, like this one. I've got a lot planned for 2021, and I hope you're going to join us on the ride!

Until next time...


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