The Last True Mage Chapter 3 releases & More!

Hey punks!

I hope the holidays are treating you right. It being a time of giving, not only do you get the release of TLTM Chapter 3 but also a sneak peek at next issue in this post. As always, you can get digital copies of TLTM directly at or It's pay what you will, so it'll fit your budget and entertain you at the same time, 100% guaranteed. 

TLTM Chapter 3 is out now!

If you've read the first two issues, you might wonder about Verone's origin. Well, look no further as we dive headfirst into an origin story like no other! Not only that, but we'll also see the rise of a new and deadly villain!

Don't miss the non-stop occult manga action from Joe Forrest, Jay Vasquez, and Team Zero!

TLTM Subscription now available!

I'm also proud to announce that we'll be putting out TLTM monthly with a slight change to formatting and content. You also get insight into the making of the comic and upcoming news before anyone else!

GZS is open for registration!

If you haven't done so, join us over at GZS for a stress free social media community where our interests range from pop culture to occulture to better living in the 21st century. 

Best of all, basic membership is absolutely free! So, be sure to share the site with friends if you think they'd like it!

A bit o' writing advice if you're a word nerd...

If you're trying to improve your readability, simplify your language. No, I don't mean dumb it down. I mean, stop using big words when there's no reason to do so. Show off your fancy schmancy vocabulary somewhere else. If you want people to read your stuff, stop being so pretentious.

What's next in 2021?

I detail here most of my plans for GZS, but there's already new things added to my list, such as a TLTM-based oracle and divination deck that I also somehow plan to turn into a card game like Magic the Gathering. (It's still rumbling around in my head how to work it out.)

While I know 2020 has been a total dick of a year, planning for something and accomplishing at least some of it seems to give some stability to an otherwise unstable world.

You may be on self-imposed lockdown, or you may have to face the world every day. If you have something you're passionate about, that you want to work for, that drives you...

Well, that can make all the difference in the world when everything else is falling apart. 

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- JF

Have a very happy holiday, and many happy returns to you and yours!

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