THE LAST TRUE MAGE release date moved up!

Hey there, comic book punks!

I was planning on releasing TLTM #1 on 31 Aug, but man, it's just so good to see the story come to life, I want to make sure everyone can read it a little earlier. What better day to release than a Wednesday, since it's new comic book day, anyway?

Join us as we meet VERONE, a punk chaos magician who just also happens to be a cosmic level magick enforcer, keeping the Origin Reality safe from destruction. There's a ton of action, story, and magick in this comic. It's something new, mixed with something old, and made shiny and unique with a coating of hypersigil. (Don't worry, if you don't speak magick, all will be explained - with explosions!)

You can go ahead and reserve a copy today, get a notification when it's available for download, and you're off to the races, hero!

Oh, snap... I forgot the most important part.

"Pay what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." This means the digital version of TLTM will always be pay what you can. We absolutely would love it if you could pay us within your means. If your means right now are slim, then please, enjoy the entertainment. We trust that someday, you will return the favor.

Until next time...

- JF

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