TLTM Chapter 3 Releases & 2021 Updates!


Happy Holidays! 'Tis the season, amirite? 

I'm working hard on making more comics and developing our community over at

If you're not already a member there, it's totally free (our gift to you) to sign up and take part. My goal is to make fun, engaging community where fans can interact without the toxicity of other platforms.

We also talk about some pretty counterculture stuff like magic, pop culture, and creative entrepreneurship. So, if you're looking for some intelligent conversation, this is the place!

Now, onto some news!

ITEM! TLTM Chapter 3 releases December 23rd!

VERONE must face his darkest fears while IVY and the crew face down some magic thugs from THE CEO. Who is the MS. VAPOR? What happened during the PHOENIX INCIDENT? Learn all this and more as we explore the origins of THE LAST TRUE MAGE!

Join us for another adrenaline rush ride with THE LAST TRUE MAGE!

Created and written by: Joe Forrest

Art by: Jay Vazquez

Finishes by: Team Zer0


ITEM! TLTM goes monthly!

We feel that waiting a month between issues may be a bit too long for most people if they're as excited as we are about Verone and crew! We also have to be realistic with a continued production schedule and a limited budget. 

That being said, we're changing the format a little and releasing 12-page chapters monthly. We'll also be including extras in each chapter, like character designs and world information for those like that kind of thing. 

ITEM! TLTM: Psychonaut Blues Collected Edition Releases Late Summer 2021!

Our first arc, Psychonaut Blues, will finish by the beginning of summer in 2021. With that in mind, work has already begun on putting together a limited run collected release, along with versions on platforms like Amazon.

We'll be running a pre-sale, which will determine the number of physical copies we'll print for backers. Similar to a Kickstarter, we'll be able fund our print run based on pre-sale backers. More to come on this one!

ITEM! GZS Podcasts and Videos

I've cobbled together a decent system of applications and streaming equipment where I feel comfortable exploring the idea of doing a podcast and possibly some streaming events.

I'd likely talk about stuff like making comics or turning creative endeavors into businesses. I'm still trying to work a model out for this, but I'm confident you'll see a few things roll out this coming Spring.

ITEM! [GZS PRO EXCLUSIVE] The Magus is coming...

SIMON MAGUS is an immortal, the failed avatar of the Christ Consciousness, and a conman of the highest order. When MARY ANNE, a powerful natural magic user, comes to him for help to save her immortal soul, he sees an opportunity he can't pass up. The long con begins as The Magus traverses the Omniverse in search of the answer he seeks the most... the key to his own death.

Starting in late Spring 2021, I'll be releasing a serial fiction occult tale via our GZS Pro Membership. I'll be releasing new episodes of THE MAGUS on a bi-weekly basis, as it's written. This will include streamed live-writing sessions for those that like seeing the creative process.

Once the original run finishes, I'll edit it, format it, and release it to the public. 

More tips to help you on your creative journey!

Another thing I really like to do is share my knowledge about writing and creating things. For example, I do a lot of writing talk over on Twitter. I also, of course, post a lot of cool stuff at our GZS community website.

I'm also developing some courses that give insight on what I've learned so far. With everything I've learned over time, I landed a great day job that leaves plenty of time and energy to use my nights to focus on my passions.

I'm no millionaire, but I don't live paycheck to paycheck unless I choose to either. That's the info I think people will find valuable. I'm all about practicality and distilling things down to workable and realistic processes.

All in all, I have an ambitious 2021 planned for GZS.

I'm sure this will be a learning process, and I invite you all to join me on it! I know many people feel they're not good enough to share their creative endeavors. That's the beauty of art, though...

It doesn't have to be perfect, you just have to do it.

That's why I'm going to give as much insight as possible to those looking for that kind of insider look at how I get things done. I'm sure it'll be a learning experience for any who want to get involved.


Until next time...

- JF

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