Who needs Black Friday Specials? This gift keeps on giving year 'round!

Hey there, fam!

I hope you had an awesome week and are gearing up for the holidays! If your inbox is like mine, you've been flooded with special offers offering discounts on this thing or that thing. 

I will not do that. 

But I am going to tell you about our new membership offering, the GZS Pro Membership.

What the heck is the GZS Pro Membership?

Well, it's one of the coolest memberships out there if you're bored out of your mind with everyday average entertainment. Geared towards comic book fans, writers, and fans of pop culture, we're going to give you the inside scoop on everything we put out in the world. 

Here is just SOME of what you'll get:

  • Our bi-weekly GZS Pro Newsletter
  • Access to ALL of our digital publications
  • An exclusive and inclusive fan community free from toxicity
  • A private Discord

What will the money from the membership pay for?

This helps pay our creative teams to do their thing and to keep the lights on for our communication platforms. We believe we should pay creators, but we need a stable and established source of income in order to make it happen. 

What better way to do that than to offer our fans the opportunity to interact with us directly and get a ton of cool, insider perks to boot?

This ensures we're able to continue to create, entertain, and inform you in the best way possible.

Our passion is to bring quality entertainment to people, giving them a quality community to be a part of, and to pay creatives in order to do that.

Over time, we hope to add many more features to give our members more bang for their buck, and with your continued support we'll do just that.

We hope to see you very soon!

It's always a pleasure and a joy to interact with those who are interested in what we do. We love talking fans and building communities we can interact with them on in meaningful ways. 

Check out the GZS Pro Membership landing page for even more information on what you'll get when you sign up!

See ya in the funny pages!

- Joe F.

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